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Saffron Baggallay

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This is not a keynote, Saffron is a mind-reader

"Cracking your code is life-changing"

800 people in the last 12 months have benefitted from cracking their code

Saffron Baggallay is an accomplished speaker and Enneagram expert and coach. She reads a room brilliantly and is able to hold an audience in the palm of her hand with her expertise, timing and engaging sense of humour. She is poised, passionate and deeply knowledgeable. I was recently lucky enough to hear her talk on the Enneagram twice in one week to different audiences - I enjoyed both equally and learnt as much in the second talk as in the first. Her insights really helped the members of our company's management team to understand themselves and each other better than ever.
I highly recommend her!

Tara Turkington

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"Find out how to access your super power with Saffron"

1000’s of people across 11 countries on 4 continents have changed their lives thanks to Saffron’s online programmes