Are you curious?

Because something in your life is not working, or because there’s something in your life that works and you want more of it?  

Whichever it is...

Personal Mastery is a choice and not everybody is ready for it, because once you start it you might wonder how you ever trusted anyone, understood other people or even knew what you really wanted for yourself. 

Making this decision is like starting a gym when you unfit and as you get fitter to feels better and better…

And at least with this one you’re done in one short month

unless of course you want to continue!

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If you want to be introduced to a super cool map which basically gives you a working plug-in Go-Pro into people (yourself included)...


In 1 month...

  • You will be introduced to the 9 secret steps to find genuine confidence (no faking it until you making it around here)

  • If you continue on and do the 3 or 5 paths you will learn to operate the Go-Pro I showed you in the secret steps  

  • And by month 3 your Go-Pro gets more accurate and you start to see yourself differently and see others differently. This is a game changer for leadership, because it shows us our unconscious bias. 

  • Our unconscious bias actually is often what gets us feeling like we can’t trust others, interestingly. Who doesn’t need to learn how to develop trustworthy relationships these days? If trusting relationships in any area of your life is a thing for you, then you might want to consider doing all 5 modules.

  • Because only when we know how to show up trustworthy ourselves do we start to understand what’s needed for high performance, which we all NEED in a COVID world. 


Each month costs R3550.00 ex VAT per person

It’s all online (so wifi is needed)

There are lots of live classes

Group coaching sessions 

A shared experience.