We all have an ego that essentially just wants to achieve something, be right, be loved, get what we think we want, feel good, and get recognised.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

Personal Mastery teaches us that true self-acceptance is just about seeing yourself differently. Not everybody is ready for it because it will work to help you manage yourself & stay out of other people’s expectations of you.  

It’s like starting gym when you unfit and as you get fitter to feels better and better…


If you want to understand yourself better...


In 3 months...

  • You will know the 9 secret steps to genuine confidence (no faking it until you making it around here)

  • You will be able to operate the Go-Pro I am going to give you. This Go-Pro is for you to use to be emotionally intelligence in action now. It’s a tool to  understand what drives us beneath the surface of what we think we can see in ourselves and others. 

  • With a really accurate Go-Pro on you will start to see yourself differently and see others differently. We can learn not to take things personally and then begin to see how we teach people how to treat us. 

  • I want good, fulfilling, enriching relationships - don’t you? Sure that looks different for different people, but I don’t want emotionally unsafe relationships. If you have no idea how to teach people how to treat you, then you might want to consider doing all 5 modules.

  • Because only when we know how to show up trustworthy ourselves do we start to understand what’s needed to contribute to a high performance team. Whether that team is your family, work team, or intimate relationship and ultimately have the relationships we want. 


Each month costs R3450.00 ex VAT

It’s all online (so wifi is needed)

There are lots of live classes

Group coaching sessions 

Colleagues connect.