You are your greatest asset and your biggest liability to your own life - and you get to decide. 

How cool is that?

Personal Mastery is a choice and not everybody is ready for it, because once you start it you might wonder how you ever made decisions, managed relationships, or stayed healthy before you discovered it! 

It’s like starting gym when you are unfit and as you get fitter you start to feel better and better…


That’s why we invite you on a life-changing journey for 5 months…! It might look like forever, but I can assure you it flies!

In 5 months...

  • You will really know how to use 9 secret steps to find genuine confidence (no faking it until you making it around here)

  • You will be practiced at operating the Go-Pro I am going to show you. This Go-Pro is for you. To use on yourself and on others (which is massively fun - it’s like being in that movie  ‘What Women Want’ with Mel Gibson. 

  • With a really accurate Go-Pro on you will start to see yourself differently and start to see how other people see you - which is super handy if you are being watched by others (by the way, we are ALL being watched by others).

  • I want good, fulfilling, enriching relationships - don’t you? Sure that looks different for different people, but I want to be able to communicate what’s important to me. Relationships where there is no genuine trust are not real relationships - not so? If you agree on this one, you gotta do all five modules I am afraid…

  • Because only now do we start to understand what’s needed to belong to a high performance team. Whether that team is your family, work team, or intimate relationship. 


Each month costs R2999.00 ex VAT

It’s all online (so wifi is needed)

There are lots of live classes

Group coaching sessions 

Firm friends to be made