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Although Saffron has a thriving coaching practice where she works one on one with clients, the majority of the coaching in the context of the development programmes are coaching circles. Using the Enneagram type numbers, Saffron splits the larger groups into small coaching circles, where people can take what they have learned on the programme and process it in to their context at their pace by having much more intimate conversations. This also serves as a practice for vulnerability and is a very powerful & successful method for building trust and connection.

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I have been receiving training and coaching from Saffron for over a year now, her training is refreshing, intriguing and very up to date with the latest trends and needs in organisations. The coaching that I have received from Saffron is life changing. From the very first session up to now, I have experienced positive changes, which includes increased self-awareness, assertiveness and a positive outlook on life. Saffron has the experience to assist with any work or personal situation and she made me feel very at ease from the start. 

~ Sumadi TheronArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) Human Resources Academy ~