As a Sociologist and human behaviourist with nearly two decades of experience in organisations, Saffron has observed how much stress is caused by change, uncertainty and unpredictability, and what impact this has on productivity and employee engagement. This prompted her to come up with innovative ways to embed and sustain learnings from our Personal Mastery Lab. Building emotional and mental wellness, as well as leadership capabilities in all people is now imperative, and this is what HorseSense seeks to achieve.


Horses assist with essential business skills...

Expected Outcome?

  • Practicing awareness of self and others

  • Practicing emotional and social intelligence

  • Practicing trust for high-performance teams

  • Experiencing self-awareness and authenticity

  • Experiences empathy

  • Learning to listen with understanding

  • Learning to set boundaries Learning to communicate effectively

  • Practicing being accountable Experiencing joy and having fun!