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Personal Mastery Based Programmes


For people interested in gaining skills and techniques to live and work with Personal Mastery (emotional intelligence in action). Conscious behaviour drives a collaborative and compassionate employee culture. This means that employees, managers & executives all work with self-worth, a feeling of significance, and know that they belong.

How else can we trust one another in hybrid workplaces?


There is no other way to engage in a hybrid workplace other than to be your best self

Let’s kick you sales, targets and success rates up a notch or let’s solve that ongoing issue the team faces that collectively drains productivity. What about finding practical ways to build better relationships (that could also help with relationships in other areas of your life too)?

Are you ready to provide a life-changing journey for the people who chose to engage with it?


Either enable your team to free up brain waves to explore future-proofing the business, overcome overwhelm and stress, or to make new places because the old plans have been changed by Covid-19... Whatever your company’s reason for exploring Personal Mastery might be.



To take that leap…

And introduce amazing practical ways they can actually use in real life. These include:


  • How to build self-esteem & self-confidence.

  • How to set boundaries for yourself and others.

  • How to build connections across your business (networking on steroids).

  • How to listen with understanding rather than defensiveness.

  • How to communicate intentionally.

  • How to focus on goals and engagement, rather than protecting yourself.

  • How to navigate diversity and transition to a hybrid work lifestyle on and offline and still trust one another.

  • And other future-proofing skills.

If you have any particular needs let us know.

Online Discussion

I know that taking on more courses and training can be stressful, after all, I am sure you are already very busy…

But if this thinking, or a thinking similar to this, has been your response to the possibility of signing up for an online Personal Mastery programme, 

Ask yourself if you’re coming up with excuses. 

If the answer is “yes” or “maybe” you definitely need to do the programme because excuses often stop us from living our best lives. 

Or maybe you just want more information? 

Your associates and employees deserve to live their best lives, whatever that means to them... 

Start to build the kind of company culture you know you need to build for the future.


Read these if you are curious about what other people have to say about the programmes they’ve done:

Why should anyone trust that your programme will deliver on its promises?

Because the programme spans five months, it promotes lasting change. The assignments are strategic and deeply personal, it is impossible not to transform. It is, in fact, possible to measure the growth or progress of an individual.

Vicky Keates
~ Leadership Coach & Facilitator ~

Need coaching as well?

Saffron is an expert Enneagram and brain science based coach too.

Would this be executive coaching for an individual or a team?

Working from Home

I'm an individual

Saffron coaches individuals for business success and for life success.

Video Conference

This would be for a team

In a corporate context if you are a team of 10 or less and you want more or you’re having some issues, Saffron coaches groups with the aim of building authentic trust so members can focus on being effective. 




Programmes we offer

Smiling Man


Over five months you will go from profound self-discovery to learning how to manage relationships.

Are you curious about how others perceive you?

How often do others really trust you?

How ready are you to engage others, especially online?

At work and in life, I would rather know what people are perceiving, 

thinking, feeling or deciding about me than not know. Wouldn’t you? 






The Prep Work

When you decide to sign up for a programme, we recommend that you start by having some idea of what your Enneagram type is.


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When you have decided which of these truly life-changing options suits you best


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Power Hours

For people who want one concept, delivered succinctly, which also offers a practical, doable take-away that both individuals and teams can immediately apply in business and life.

If you have only got 60 minutes to hang out with me, you can expect to learn something new that you can apply in your life straight away.

How cool is that?

You might even want to ask me questions and engage with one another because you will feel so energised.

Who wouldn't want that kind of re-energising twice a month?

Would you like to re-energise and learn something valuable?



If your team, your department, shucks, your whole company, only have 60 minutes and you want to get people thinking, talking and maybe even behaving more enthusiastically then this is for you. 


Why not let me tickle everyone’s brains a little?


Invite me to come and talk to up to 500 people about something relevant and really interesting?



My talks are seriously funny

and are routed

(no, that’s not a spelling error, its supposed to be funny!)

in my over 20 years of teaching people how to use the Enneagram like a map and a mirror to get to know themselves so they don’t compromise themselves too much anywhere in life. Because ongoing compromise can end up with us feeling helpless, disengaged, and exhausted... and that's not what we want for our lives, is it?