How to read the Enneagram:

Type Ones can be described as both logical and idealistic. Ones are principled and purposeful, self-controlled, and have high standards for themselves and others.


The number Four on the Enneagram depicts the stress point. The number Seven on the Enneagram depicts the security point. Your stress and security points may also resonate with you. These points can indicate how your behaviour might change in different circumstances in your life.

The definition of the One is someone who works towards changing something for the better, to improve it. This characteristic can be connected to all facets of one's involvement, be it in society, a community, home, or the workplace. A One’s focus is on achieving a higher moral standard in these involvements, reacting confidently against adversities that come their way. Fulfilling their life purpose or life mission is something that inspires One’s, mirroring the ideals of well-known One’s like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

Often, with this sense of purpose, comes a feeling of needing to justify their actions, to themselves and to others. Ones belong to the ‘body triad’ meaning they react instinctively. However, often Ones control their reactions; and at their best only respond to a stimulus after careful consideration, which directs their actions. “One’s are innately honourable”, says Saffron Baggallay.

At their most conscious, One’s are wise and serene and feel no need to fix, put right, or judge. This is whilst maintaining their strong personal convictions and high moral standards. However, Ones can often be extremely critical of themselves and others because Ones come to unconsciously believe that they are only good enough when they are good. As a result of this, Ones can become self-righteous and inflexible in their thoughts, ways, and opinions. This can reflect a sense of being dogmatic and obsessive about the way things “should be” or “must be”.

At their best, Ones are inspirational and humane, achieving what they can with their level of influence, to make the world a better place. They are ethical and fair, objective and reasonable. “Ones are extremely reliable, and have the potential to be highly organised, process-driven, and structured in the workplace, their community, or society,” says Saffron Baggallay.

The ONE, by definition