How to read the Enneagram:

Driven, adaptable and success-orientated are all words to describe Type Three’s, based on the Enneagram.

Threes believe in themselves and their abilities, ambitious and highly effective.


The number Nine on the Enneagram depicts the stress point. The number Six on the Enneagram depicts the security point. These points may also resonate with the Three. At the Stress point, Three’s may present
“Ninish” characteristics, with the same happening at their Security point.


The THREE, by definition

As a Three, success is the ultimate goal. Three’s define success differently, using their characteristics of being self-assured and focused, diplomatic and competitive, to achieve this success. They are often looked up to, as role models in the workplace, in interpersonal relationships and in their community. They are motivational, encouraging others to be the best they can be. Because of this, Threes are usually popular amongst their peers. Threes thrive off this – often pursuing what they are good at because of praise they receive from others.

Type Three’s fear failure, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and can often be labeled by others as workaholics. Three’s want to be acknowledged for their hard work, seeking positive attention from others. Like all of us, Three’s want to feel worthy and valued because their identity depends on how others’ see their value. Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Tiger
Woods are all Three’s, possessing traits of competitiveness, focus and achievement. “Three’s are inspirational and tenacious at their best; and can struggle with feeling like a fraud when internally they don’t think of themselves quite as highly as they pretend to feel,” says Saffron Baggallay.

Doing whatever it takes to achieve their desired success can often be the downfall of a Three. They can become jealous and might start to compare themselves to others. They begin to seek approval in everything they do, and if this doesn’t happen, the fear of failure might begin to take over. Three’s might then begin to unconsciously fabricate who they really are, losing touch with themselves and their purpose.

When conscious of their shadow, Three’s are able to channel the subconscious matching up of their words and actions. They can begin to create a genuine connection with themselves and others, motivating themselves and others around them.

“At their most conscious, Three’s are extraordinary,” says Saffron Baggallay. Energetic and authentic, effective and charming, Three’s have the ability to make the most out of the situations they find themselves in and not only do they seek opportunities, but they actually make things happen as well”