How to read the Enneagram:

Security-orientated, responsible and committed to family and friends, the Six is extremely reliable and sensible in all that they do. Sixes lead by example, they are always prepared, work hard, and are honest and trustworthy.


The number Three on the Enneagram depicts the stress point. The number Nine on the Enneagram depicts the security point. These stress and security points may resonate with Sixes, when facing different types of challenges and tasks in their lives.

Sixes are incredibly loyal, and appear warm, engaging, and empathetic. They are motivated by a need for security and value security in all it’s sense. Sixes follow the rules, until they don’t, and always have an interesting relationship with authority figures and systems. They are able to confront crises bravely and with a level-head. They commit fully to projects they buy into and make great leaders who are conscientious and always prepared. They are compassionate towards others and express a good-natured manner. Although sometimes appearing anxious, Sixes love to have fun and usually have a great sense of humour.

Our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela are both Sixes. Warm, gentle, and kind, these two leaders are able to lead by example, focusing on the task at hand, rather than on their emotions or feelings.

Despite being incredibly capable, sometimes Sixes hone in on their weaknesses, and focus on these, making them overwhelmed and anxious. They can become fixated on thinking about “worst-case scenarios”, tricking their minds into believing what is not true. Because they become hyper-vigilant, focusing on the “bad stuff”, Sixes can become self-defeating and paranoid.

“Sixes are often highly competent people, because of their belief that they are not prepared enough or don’t know enough, which means they are usually the most informed type. This makes Sixes exceptionally reliable but puts a lot of pressure on them.” says Saffron Baggallay.

At their most conscious and when facing their inner anxieties, Sixes are strong and courageous, they are loveable and affectionate, and are defenders of what is morally correct. They are generous, in every sense, to those around them, giving off love, loyalty, and trust.

The SIX, by definition