How to read the Enneagram:

Forever optimistic, daring, and spontaneous, the Seven is full of fun, the life of the party. They are able to see the bigger picture and are led by high-spirits, constantly seeking out new experiences. They refrain from anything negative and avoid absorbing negative information and
negative feelings.


The number One on the Enneagram depicts the stress point. The number Five on the Enneagram depicts the security point. These stress and security points may resonate with Sevens when facing different types of situations in their lives.

Sevens are full of positive energy, motivated by their need to be truly happy. They are bright-eyed and take on challenges with an incredible sense of vitality. They are very engaging and enthusiastic and are great storytellers. Sevens love to be mentally stimulated, clutching onto challenges that are interesting, diverse and unpredictable. Quick-thinking and highly creative, a Seven’s ideas might seem crazy or fantastical to other types. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to get a lot done, all the time. They’re always on the go, go, go; sometimes exhausting themselves.

Because Sevens are able to see the bigger picture, they are able to synthesis lots of information into a detailed plan without “sweating the small stuff”. The difficulty comes in implementing these plans, with Sevens often finding it challenging to stick to how they have fitted the nuts and bolts together inside this bigger picture. This might lead to Sevens becoming bored, leaving
plans they set out to complete, unfinished.

“Sevens are energized by what they perceive to be pleasurable to them. Don’t ever assume that you know what that stimulus is, even if you think you know that seven well,” says Saffron Baggallay. This talks to a Seven’s ability to be adaptable and forever planning for the future.

Richard Branson, Elton John and Miriam Makeba are all Sevens; charming, imaginative and fun-loving. Other types love being around Sevens – their positive energy is contagious.

Because other types feed off a Seven’s optimism and positive energy, Sevens are sensitive to this and can begin to feel responsible for other’s happiness. Despite this feeling of responsibility, Seven’s avoid clinginess and neediness projected by other types. Seven’s avoid feelings at all costs, which might come off as insensitive and selfish to others.

At their most conscious, Sevens are driven by the boundless joy life has to offer. This excites the Seven, sparking even more wonderful energy. They are resilient, light-hearted and joyful, deeply in tune with energies around them, and highly responsive to this.

The SEVEN, by definition