How to read the Enneagram:

Courageous, independent, and honest, the type Eight will fiercely love, empower and protect people close to them. They believe in upholding what is just, and are able to fearlessly take on difficult challenges, head on and strategically. They are bold and direct, authoritative and self-confident.

The number Five on the Enneagram depicts the stress point. The number Two on the Enneagram depicts the security point. These stress and security points may resonate with Eights, when facing different types of challenges in their lives.

Usually backed by a strong physical presence or energy, the type Eight has courage in their own convictions, making their presence dominant and certain. Type Eights are excellent self-starters and are very good at taking initiative. Eights are usually good teachers, mentors and providers, and are motivated by a strong need for security, in every sense of the word, for themselves and whoever is in their tribe. Because Eights are self-sufficient and can usually see things very quickly, and they might become frustrated and argumentative when they feel out of control and when others don’t see their point of view.

Eights are incredibly loyal. This loyalty may be experienced by their tight inner circle, and once you’re inside that inner circle, you’re there forever. This is unless you betray them. Eights take a long time to express forgiveness, and will never forget injustices done to them. They’re more sensitive than people think, and when the Eight can trust that you are truthful with them, they can be very calm, gentle and kind.

“Eights are exceptional leaders and visionaries, often taking on “fights” and burdens which are not even theirs in protection of what’s just, right and fair. Eights have a soft spot for the underdog because they cannot stand discrimination, and they often get themselves into trouble with the authority or system on behalf of others,” says Saffron Baggallay. This talks to an Eight’s ability to protect those around them, which is an act of their care for others.

Mother Teresa, Winnie Mandela, and Serena Williams are Eights. All expressing incredible compassion and assertiveness, these women are self-made and powerful.

At their most conscious, Eight’s are strong and in control of their own destiny. They stand up for people and things they believe in. They carry others comfortably with their strength, and will do anything for those they care about.

The EIGHT, by definition