How to read the Enneagram:

The Nine comes across as easy-going and relaxed, peaceful and diplomatic; and one of their superpowers is that they have a remarkable way of making other people feel at ease around them. They are naturally very empathetic and are good listeners who are patient and receptive.


The number Six on the Enneagram depicts the stress point. The number Three on the Enneagram depicts the security point. These stress and security points may resonate with Nines, when facing different types of situations in their lives.

Motivated by the greater good for all, Nines have an incredible way of seeing everyone’s point of view. They are able to be objective, whilst still expressing empathy, making them the person other people often turn to in conflict situations. Other types respond to this well, and enjoy being in the company of a Nine. They’re easy to be around, as they rarely show negative or strong emotions that may contradict or conflict with others. Nines tend to take the path of least resistance, and although they’re great at navigating conflict between others, they tend to avoid clashes with others.

Because a Nine tends to avoid conflict, other types might mistake this for being placid and uninterested. They may tend to shy away from problems, and take criticism hard. With their ability to “go with the flow”, Nines are able to relax and have a good time easily, and can look like they are living very much in the here and now. This can lead to a Nine feeling like they’re not being truly heard or taken seriously by others though. Nines can then become stubborn and passive-aggressive, unable to make what they actually want clear to others.

Impartial and unbiased, Barak Obama, Queen Elizabeth II and Whoopie Goldberg are famous type Nines. They are good listeners and peacekeepers, effortlessly allowing people to feel at ease in their presence.

A Nine can accommodate other people to a point where they build up resentment about not being respected. When Nines realise that they need to show up, they have the capacity do to so with courage and strength.


“Nines are exceptionally good at listening, being a sounding board and also offering advice, and because they are motivated by the greater good can and will work tirelessly on behalf of others,” says Saffron Baggallay.

When in touch with their highest self, Nines are accepting, stable and open-minded. They are content with themselves and where they are at, they are unpretentious and are genuinely good natured. They give off a calming presence, and are able to bring people together. When a Nine finds what they are passionate about, they become incredibly strong and are fully connected to themselves and others.

The NINE, by definition