People During Workshop


9 ways of seeing the world

Type 1

Someone who works towards changing something for the better, to improve it. This characteristic can be connected to all facets of one's involvement, be it in society, a community, home, or the workplace.


Type 2

Putting others first is a priority. Twos are altruistic, unselfish and love to be involved in other people’s lives, lending a helping hand wherever possible or necessary.

Type 3

Success is the ultimate goal. Three’s define success differently, using their characteristics of being self-assured and focused, diplomatic and competitive, to achieve this success.

Type 4

They are motivated by being unique, and are able to convey their individuality in all aspects of
their lives. This makes them self-expressive with a deep desire to figure out who they are and
what their sense of purpose in the world is.

Type 5

They are analytical and perceptive, open-minded and head-strong. In addition to these characteristics, they are also adaptable and out of the box thinkers, making them excellent problem solvers.

Type 6

Sixes are incredibly loyal, and appear warm, engaging and empathetic. They are motivated by a
need for security and value security in all it’s sense. Sixes follow the rules, until they don’t, and
always have an interesting relationship with authority figures and systems.

Type 7

They are full of positive energy, motivated by their need to be truly happy. They are bright-eyed and take on challenges with an incredible sense of vitality. They are very engaging and enthusiastic, and are great storytellers.

Type 8

Usually backed by a strong physical presence or energy, Eight's has courage in their own convictions, making their presence dominant and certain. Type Eights are excellent self-starters and are very good at taking initiative.

Type 9

Motivated by the greater good for all, Nines have an incredible way of seeing everyone’s point of view. They are able to be objective, whilst still expressing empathy, making them the person
other people often turn to in conflict situations.