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Learning is most remembered when we have an emotional experience around it. As a Sociologist who has taught for 21 years, Saffron has spent thousands of hours learning and understanding about how we learn. This critical question is so rarely asked, which is why most schooling, studying and training often isn’t retained and even more often is not readily applied. Most learning addresses only our cognitive intelligence, and leaves out our emotional intelligence and intuition, the most important parts of our intelligence needed for the future. 


Saffron’s big distinction is that she is completely comfortable with uncomfortable feelings, and through the Immersive Experience she is able to:


a) unleash the delegate's emotions, 

b) unpack their emotions, 

c) work with their emotion so that they become a constructive motivator for new behaviour 

d) provide practical tools to manage emotion (this is emotional intelligence in action)


The Immersive Experience is the perfect way to simulate life, the workplace, global change, whatever your organisational focus or needs are and then help delegates see how they show up to others in a very practical way. It also allows delegates a practical experience of vulnerability. This is powerful  experience for people, for teams, for change management, for team builds, for organisational culture and for our communities throughout South Africa, Africa & the world. 


We have three options for this experience and usually we will discuss your specific needs with you and together we decide which one is best and why. We then tailor the experience to your organisational requirements.

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I learned more about myself and leadership in one day doing HorseSense than I did doing a two-week leadership development programme at Stellenbosch Business School.

~ Hennie Hugo, Senior Sales Director, Lexus South Africa ~


A non-cognitive experience of leadership where the horse becomes a mirror for how you ’show up’ to others. Are you someone people want to follow or not? The horse will let you know!


a non-cognitive experience of leadership where delegates truly get to experience how having fun is as vulnerable as leading a team or selling to clients. 


a non-cognitive experience of leadership where delegates get to experience the shock of so many different worlds in one city. This experience is for leaders serious about feeling empathy because your employees and clients come from a myriad of different worlds.