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It is a dangerous time in history not to know who you are, to not trust yourself or others. Now more than ever the business sphere needs physically, emotionally, and mentally compassionate leaders and teams.


  • How often are you expected to make high-speed, high-demand decisions?

  • How often are you swamped with other people’s expectations?

  • Have you ever thought about the impact on your physical health, your mental wellness & your emotional stability because of this?

COVID has just amped this up, right?

What if you don’t start looking after your health?

Where will that leave you in say, 5 or 10 years time?

Keynotes are offered:

  • Why What Happens In The Bathroom Doesn’t Happen In The Boardroom”

  • South Africa, A Courageous Country

  • My Mind Meets The cMind

  • What Happens When We Let Go Of The Reigns?

Keynotes can be delivered online & live. Clients may opt to include a question & answer session.


Saffron was a complete hit, warming the crowd as soon as she stepped on stage. She was phenomenal. You could hear a pin drop in the room as the audience hung onto every word.

~ Traci Freeman, Rockefeller Foundation ~


Keynote  Topics

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Why, What Happens In The Bathroom, Doesn’t Happen In The Boardroom; And Why That Matters:

A seriously funny look at corporate culture through female eyes (although men can watch too).

If you know what happens in a women’s bathroom at a nightclub or wedding after midnight, you definitely wanna book this keynote,

because in it Saffron answers why the bathroom is such an emotionally safe place, and why that’s important for business.

So, why is the boardroom more like the dance floor?

Do you know what I mean by the dance floor?

Back at the wedding when we leave the bathroom…

If you are curious about women’s role in corporate culture, what it is, why it’s a problem, and what we can do about it, then…

SOUTH AFRICA: A Courageous Country: 

South Africa has a long history with crisis, chaos & uncertainty.

There’s got to be some lessons we can learn from all this.

Saffron uses the enneagram like a map, alongside South Africa’s story to provide a way forward for the global community to cope with our very new world. Coping takes courage, and South Africa has plenty of that.

Are you curious about courage?

Doing Homework

My Mind Meets the cMind: 

Even though we can’t see it, our now normal is shaping the next generations’ value systems. 

- What will they think is normal.

- What will they promote and protect.

Months of remote schooling & isolation will impact our economies and influence our children’s perspectives for decades to come.

Are you a parent?

Are you a manager wanting to prepare?

Are you asking now what?

What Happens When We Let Go Of The Reigns

Firstly, what are the reigns?

Saffron uses her experiences with her horses as a metaphor for lessons in leadership and the reigns are whatever you need to let go of in order to be a leader…. Because that’s the only way you can access your superpower.