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A keynote is a talk or presentation that I would deliver to a large audience (anything from 50 people to 1000 people) in 45 - 90 minutes that may or may not include a question & answer session afterwards. 


The aim would be to get people thinking and talking about some of the topics I focus on, all of which impact business success. If you wanted then to understand how to implement some of the learnings, we have development programmes all of which are related to understanding the keynote topics more deeply. 


The keynote content has been developed as a result of my work as a Sociologist & human-behaviour expert, following trends around the world for the last 15 years, that may influence human behaviour inside corporations. I have deep concerns about social behaviour certainly in urban centres; and I focus a lot of attention on how social value systems can impact negatively and/or positively on organisational success. There is such a chronic disassociation with the self in most societies today, which is why there is so little trust amongst people, even when they often have to rely on one another as a team to perform a function. 


It’s a very dangerous time in history not to know who you are and not to trust yourself and others. Business needs employees & managers to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. My keynotes address universal problems that can exist at any level in any organisation anywhere in the world and can therefore be suitable for multiple audiences. They can be tailored to your specific country, industry, business or team needs.  Explore my website & topics in more detail below. 


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Saffron was a complete hit, warming the crowd as soon as she stepped on stage. She was phenomenal. You could hear a pin drop in the room as the audience hung onto every word.

~ Traci Freeman, Rockefeller Foundation ~


This authentic account of Saffron’s relationship with her horses is a powerful metaphor for how the workplace today requires being present, doing things that are counter-intuitive & building trusting relationships.


It’s been thirty years since the birth of the Internet, twenty years of email and ten years since social media arrived in our lives and pressed the connectivity, immediacy and transparency buttons big time. The consequences for business in every industry has been unparalleled since seismic scale change occurred last, which was during the Industrial Revolution. The impact of technology has left many decision-makers uncertain about how to lead, sell to, parent, manage and optimise the potential of the post-millennial mind. This presentation provides some answers.


A fascinating account of four different generations’ views of the world, how these different world-views got here, why it’s important to know about them for business, what we can do to take high-care of them and how we go about doing it.


This funny and hard-hitting keynote asks women why they often don’t have one another’s backs in a male-dominated work world and how that might be damaging to their careers. It addresses ways in which we can change this and suggests that if we don’t, it could be women, ironically, that undermine all the work that the women who have gone before us have done to pave the way for our opportunities. What does it take to have more female influence, more authentic connection amongst women and more trust in female insight.


Since the mid 1990’s decision-makers, leaders, managers, team leaders, supervisors and employees have been invited to build their emotional intelligence. Most of us understand this cognitively but how do we actually live and practice emotional intelligence in our technology fueled stressed out lives? If you are interested in a formula for building trust, authenticity and connection read more about this presentation and our personal mastery programmes.


This keynote is a must for anybody who leads, manages, makes decisions for, or sells to a team. If you are interested in finding out what the human-behaviour essentials are for success when it comes to leading a high performance team find out more about this keynote.


There are excellent futurists in South Africa and globally who talk a lot about their technology-driven predictions for the future. The spotlight is certainly on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how to manage the digital realities we now face, which is all very necessary. However, it would be remiss of any organisation not to have a people strategy alongside their digital strategy and a complimentary spotlight must be put on how to manage our mindsets so that we benefit from digital.