In celebration of Women’s Month, I reached out to women leaders who I have come to know through my teaching, asking them to share their leadership secrets and styles with me. These women are powerful, compassionate and self-aware, making them both hardcore and heartfelt leaders.

Introducing Londeka Mbambo CA(SA), Project Accountant at SPAR KZN. Londeka is an Ennea-type Eight.

Londeka talks us through how her Ennea-type guides her leadership style:

I am a type Eight which I have come to understand over the past few months; I am very instinctual and do what feels right. I am very much a sovereign leader as equality and fairness are very important to me. I believe in inclusivity and this has really helped me navigate through people from all walks of life .

I form part of a big team and the majority of the people I lead are much older than me and I imagined establishing a connection with the team to be something of a very daunting task as I believed we had very little in common, only to discover that I was very wrong. The more I focused on just being myself rather than what I should be perceived as, I discovered that we would come to build something more than what I could ever have achieved if I had not let my heart be seen.

Caring for people is part of who I am and I like to know what the people I lead go through and how I can help if I can. I love connecting with people which makes it natural for me to show compassion which in no way excludes my expectation of good performance.

I asked Londeka to describe her Leadership Superpower. Here’s what she said:

My superpower is my compassion. As an Eight, I am drawn to caring for people and sometimes even overstepping boundaries in an attempt to care for those in my close circle.

Londeka’s one wish for future women leaders is for them to truly find their authentic voice in leadership, and to be liberated and find expression in leading the way that is natural to them.

Great women in our country have been leading households, raising great minds (men and women) who have turned the world inside out. It is not every woman’s desire to do things as a man would and only viewing leadership from a man’s perspective is limiting our true experience of what leadership truly is. Women should be given the platform to lead in a manner that feels most natural to them without fear of exclusion.

When asked what work Londeka would do if she didn’t need the money, she said she would be an activist for women’s rights.

If Londeka was to take one item with her to a desert island, she would take a photo album.

I love taking pictures and looking at them to remember those experiences.

True to her type, with an innate loyalty towards and love for those closest to her, if she was given money to start her own business she says she would open a restaurant.

I love cooking and I love music. It will be a combination of the two where families and friends can sit back and relax.

Speaking of music, if Londeka could choose a song to play every time she walked into a room for the rest of her life, she’d choose “Feel Good” by Lira, or “Can I Walk With You” by India Arie.

I love the lyrics to this song [“Feel Good”] because it talks about the life that I want to live. A life lived wholeheartedly. I also love this song [“Can I Walk With You”] because life is always better when shared with the people we love. We all need someone to walk with and share experiences with.

I’d like to thank Londeka for sharing this with us. Your leadership style is all encompassing and inclusive, and those who have you in their tribe are incredibly lucky.

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