Months ago, when planning on what I would be focusing on during July, an event synonymous with this month came to mind: the Durban July.

Horse racing dates back to ancient times, recorded first in 4 500 BC. This sport, initially related to royalty, has become an industry in itself, practiced across the world.


Ed, who has crept his way into my heart and soul, is an ex-race horse. It was him who inspired my HorseSense experience, a powerful experiential engagement with these noble creatures.

Horses have the biggest limbic system, when compared to brain size. This means that they are incredibly intuitive, they are empathetic and curious, and they want to see the best in people. Also, because they have no way of communicating their pain, they Just. Take. It.


The fascinating thing about a horse is that he or she will read you. A horse can pick up if you are not consistent and whether or not you are alert and kind. This is why the HorseSense workshop is SO powerful. Horsepowerful, if you will.

Horses are intuitively aware of their status in their herd. This is something humans battle to be aware of. Your position in a team does not make you a leader. You make you a leader. But how are your own perceptions of your leadership qualities perceived by others in your team? How do others perceive your projections?

Lucia Mvundle, a Process Cost Analyst at Shell, reflects on her HorseSense experience: "For me the highlight of the Personal Mastery programme was the experience I had with the horse. It exposed my growth point that was subconscious: how I deal with fear. I usually avoid the situation that exposes me to fear. This happened when the horse came to me while seated on our chairs around them; I quickly stood up and sat somewhere else to be comfortable.

This is a very important feedback and as uncomfortable as it was, I pushed myself to face the fear and rise above and I know that is what I will now work on – finding courage within myself and working to overcome this.

Not only this, but I also learned about dealing with rejection. In life, I would usually retreat back but I learned that the best solution is to find a way of handling that kind of feedback. I am still in awe."

Find out about participating in the HorseSense experience, by emailing or DM me on Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.

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