Updated: Jun 2, 2020

World Mental Health Day, which is an important day to note because in that I hope we can all pause, recognise and perhaps use this as an opportunity to remember the importance of mental and emotional hygiene to stay healthy. I don’t think that it is a subject that is talked about enough, which is unfortunate, because I think that even people who have not been diagnosed with something specific that is mental health-related, there are a lot more people than we care to admit battling with, or being affected by, addiction, dependency, co-dependency, loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress and other struggles. This is why I am so passionate about what I teach through the Enneagram and HorseSense, which is really to build one’s emotional and mental resilience, so that we can stay mentally and emotionally healthy. This is crucial for ourselves, our spouses, our children, our families, our colleagues and our career success. Of course from a work point of view this is crucial for the success of the organisation.

HorseSense is one of the immersive experiences I provide to compliment my leadership programmes, because it offers an extraordinary simulation in to how delegates cope in an uncertain world. The reason why horses are such master teachers of how healthy we are emotionally and mentally, is because they are masters of reading our emotions. Horses are non-judgemental of how we feel (i.e. unlike too many human-relationships, horses don’t mind if you fear or dislike them, they just want you to be honest about it). So they inspire us to engage with our feelings, which is what leadership today and in the future requires.

This life-changing day can also be done as a stand-alone offering and would make the perfect team-building day out at the end of the year. Perhaps a celebration of all that you have stayed resilient to and achieved despite your struggles?

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