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There is a chronic disassociation from the self in society today. Often this can lead to a lack of authentic trust amongst leaders and team members, even when they have to rely on one another to perform. 


Organisations only mirror and magnify external trends. Often leaders and team members struggle with the same issues at work as they do at home, from their levels of self-esteem, coping strategies, limiting beliefs to their perception of authority. 


Saffron's many years of research experience as a Sociologist and organisational change agent, culminated into the Kind Leadership® Lab. By following trends influencing human behaviour, she developed her Kind Leadership® Programmes. 


In a time where organisational communities become more and more alienated, our Kind Leadership® Programmes, incorporating the Enneagram as a powerful system of self-awareness, address the vital challenges of remote working, social distancing and disconnection.  


The Kind Leadership® Lab offers leaders and teams the opportunity to considerably grow their Kind Leadership®skill set and Leader-Led communities, in order to remain mentally,

emotionally and physically strong in today's chaotic global context.


Saffron offers:

This has been the best, most amazing, most informative, most interesting course I have ever attended. Thank you for the opportunity and Saffron - thank you so much - you are incredible.

~ Sales Executive, AndBeyond ~
  • Our development programmes address universal problems that can exist at any level in any organisation anywhere in the world and can therefore be suitable for multiple audiences.

  • They can be tailored to your specific country, industry, business or team needs.

  • When working face-to-face, group sizes are kept to a maximum of 25 people each.

  • If you have larger numbers, we form a number of groups.

  • We usually recommend that 2 groups go through it at the same time because that makes for better coaching circles. 

  • Our programmes are designed to be delivered face-to-face or online.

  • Our online offerings are packaged for different budgets and numbers of people. 


We are happy to answer your queries. What is important to us is that you and your delegates get practical take-away tools to apply in real life.

We develop personal mastery programmes for Kind Leadership® to build a results-focused  employee culture based on authentic trust. Only authentic trust is sustainable for the future success of your organisation. If your employees and managers are not exploring their emotional and social intelligence through personal mastery work, you have trouble coming in a COVID world. 


Delegates who have completed the personal mastery programme are eligible for this programme. The masterclass is a deeper dive into the self and others with a focus on how to motivate, discipline and hold accountable both yourself and others. It is a must for anyone serious about Kind Leadership®, influencing others positively (in teams or in sales) and achieving success.



 The focus of this programme is to teach delegates how to coach & guide others by using coaching skills when in a leadership or management position. This course is a must for anyone serious about being a custodian of an organisational culture that is awakening - a culture underpinned by a sense of community, purpose and happiness amongst its employee culture. Please note this is not a coaching qualification.


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