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Saffron's development programmes are usually one full day of facilitation and one 90 minute group-coaching session per month for five months. Lots of clients also opt for an immersive experience to complete the full experience of a programme.


My content has been developed as a result of my work as a Sociologist & human-behaviour expert following the trends that have influenced human behaviour from around the world for the last 15 years. Whatever is going on outside your organisation is going on inside your organisation, because it’s the same people. With the same levels of self-esteem, the same coping strategies, the same divisive beliefs and the same perception of management or authority. Really the organisation just mirrors and magnifies trends that we see outside. As a personal mastery professional speaker, facilitator, coach and writer for nearly 20 years, based on what I have heard and witnessed as well as researched, I have deep concerns about what is emerging in social behaviour as a result of social media and other technologies, combined with our stressful lifestyles today. I focus a lot of attention on how social value systems can impact negatively and/or positively on organisational success because I think they really can. There is such a chronic disassociation with the self in most urban societies today, which is why there is so little trust amongst people, even when they often have to rely on one another as a team to perform a function. 

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The turbulence of our time demands strong selves with a clear sense of identity, competence; and self-worth. With a breakdown of cultural consensus, an absence of worthy role models, little in the public arena to inspire our allegiance, and disorientingly rapid change a permanent feature of our lives, it is a dangerous moment in history not to know who you are and not to trust ourselves.


My development programmes address universal problems that can exist at any level in any organisation anywhere in the world and can therefore be suitable for multiple audiences. They can be tailored to your specific country, industry, business or team needs, but the base ingredient is personal mastery using the Enneagram to deep dive in to what needs to change.  To find out  more about my programmes explore my website & topics in more detail below. 


Group size is kept to a maximum of 25 people each. If you have larger numbers, we would have to form a number of groups, which we can do. We usually recommend that 2 groups go through it at the same time because that makes for better coaching circles. 


Our programmes are designed with your industry, business, complexities and challenges in mind, so that delegates receive relevant and practical take-away tools.  


We develop personal mastery programmes for leadership  to build a results-focused  employee culture based on real trust. Only real trust is sustainable for the future success of your organisation. If your employees and managers are not exploring their emotional and social intelligence through personal mastery work, you have trouble coming. 


Delegates who have completed the personal mastery programme are eligible for this programme. The masterclass is a deeper dive into the self and others with a focus on how to motivate, disciple and hold accountable both yourself and others. It is a must for anyone serious about leadership, influencing others positively (in teams or in sales) and achieving success.


Delegates that have completed the personal mastery for leadership are eligible for this programme. The focus of this programme is to teach delegates how to mentor & guide others by using coaching skills when in a leadership position. This course is a must for anyone serious about being a custodian of an organisational culture that is awakening - a culture underpinned by a sense of community, purpose and happiness amongst its employees. Please note this is not a coaching qualification.