Our Mission is to build emotional intelligence in people to enable them to lead themselves and others more effectively.

Whether you’re a CEO, a white-collar worker, an office professional, a remote worker, an entrepreneur or just someone who wants to be more self-aware and better represent themselves, this quick-fire programme is for you. 

PS - You don’t need to know anything about Emotional Intelligence – each module gives you practical tools to lead yourself along your own path to success.

The Reframe your Future course will help you become an excellent communicator and a resilient, adaptable, and collaborative leader. 

Week 1: Managing stress in times of uncertainty and change is crucial. Learn how to manage your feelings so that stress doesn’t sabotage your efforts to grow.

Week 2: Get practical tools for building emotional safety by realising what you need to communicate, to who, and when to feel emotionally safe.

Week 3: Why is self-love so scary? Without self-love, you aren’t able to reach a flow state or find joy or gratitude. Get practical tools to increase your sense of self-love.

Week 4:  When we develop a healthy mindset, we develop healthy habits - In week 4, you’ll learn how to do this. 

Bonus: Connect with others who are actively reframing their future by getting access to the chat forum on our LMS*.

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