Learn how to make better decisions in the moment.
Feel more comfortable in stressful situations, be more creative and bring out the best in others.

Lead in a way that promotes trust and respect. Get out of your head and into your intuition.

The Self-Esteem for Leaders is a 3-month practical course designed to raise your own self-esteem and help you see others with respect, empathy, and understanding. You’ll know that you can be a leader no matter what happens around you.

Week 1-2: Living consciously 
To start, we focus on conscious action so that you can live consciously. Get practical tools to live with clarity and intention. A simple and transformational 2 weeks. 

Week 3-4: Self-acceptance
Diving deep into tools you can access to manage feelings of shame. Allowing leaders to build and maintain self-trust and acceptance while avoiding defensive behaviours. 

Week 5-6: Self-response(ability)
Reflection is integral to these 2 weeks. We’ll ask delegates to respond to situations, relationships and decisions and analyse their response for their own self-trust and self-respect.

Week 7-8: Self-assertiveness
Never compromise yourself or your health. Learn how to honour your own needs and values and how to express them.


Week 9-10: Living purposefully
Delegates will focus on the discipline needed to take action to achieve one’s self-esteem goals and ensure those goals are aligned to their purpose.

Week 11-12: Personal Integrity 
Get the tools you need to never betray your own judgment, standards or beliefs.

Once a week for 12 weeks, delegates will come to a 60-minute online class to prepare the activities they have to complete that week. 

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This course enables people to work more effectively as leaders, communicators and human beings. An extraordinary mix of approaches to get the most out of life in an increasingly complicated world. Chat to us to enroll yourself or your team.