Explore the potential of The Enneagram and witness how it can change your life. 

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Expand your knowledge of human nature with Saffron Baggallay, an International Narrative Enneagram Teacher and positively impact the most important connections to you.

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"Do you know what the Enneagram is?   The Enneagram Café is a great way to learn about this interesting Modality with the various 9 types.   Saffron creates a relaxed space and allows for any questions.   A great way to learn about support in this time of stress and burnout!   Don’t miss the opportunity!"   

Morag Bromfield
~ Certified International Bodytalk Instructor ~

What can you expect?

Join Saffron Baggallay, a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher while she explores The Enneagram, with a glass of wine (or whatever you prefer) in hand.

Invite intimacy in

The Enneagram will give you the tools you need to lead a fuller life.

Empower your life

Break free from habitual patterns by building self-awareness.

Discover yourself

Reconnect with your essence - the very reason you're here.