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What if you had a road map of how to build Emotional and Social Intelligence?


The Enneagram provides a much-needed map to instil authentic trust in organisations, while enabling leaders to embody Personal Mastery. Now more than ever, in our turbulent now normal world, the Enneagram, a dynamic and powerful vehicle of personal mastery, will guide, strengthen and unify leaders and their teams. 


The Enneagram forms the foundation on which all our online programmes and Personal Mastery Lab products are built. It enables leaders and teams to recognise their own emotional and relationship challenges, while building empathy and gaining insight into others. Leaders and teams learn to appropriately self-manage emotional responses to the current overwhelming external stimulus.


Our Personal Mastery approach with the Enneagram as a basis, creates emotional and social intelligence in action. 


The immediate goal (in learning the Enneagram) is to recognize the inner patterns that drive your outer behaviour. These patterns vary according to the type of person you are, and can be internally witnessed…


~ Helen Palmer, Global Expert on the Enneagram ~