What we do

Are you ready to discover who you really are; and learn to have a positive influence on those around you?

There are so many benefits to Personal Mastery, here are just a few:

  • More confidence​

  • More energy

  • More self-belief

  • More choice

  • More motivation

  • Better decision-making

This is why I got excited about personal mastery and learning the Enneagram over 20 years ago and why I am passionate about sharing the journey with you.


What We  Do

We help people like you find out what drives your unconscious bias so you can harness your innate best qualities optimally.

We help teams in large organisations build a

"results- focused" culture based on authentic trust.





Wild Flowers


To teach people to be kinder to themselves, kinder to others, and therefore kinder to all beings and the planet

Successful Work Team


To help your organisation grow kind leader and team communities, who are inspired, creative, fully engaged and productive


Meet Saffron


Founder of the Saffron Baggallay & Associates Personal Mastery Lab.

I live and work from Johannesburg, South Africa, where I grew up. Originally from Ireland, my parents came here to work with horses in the 1970s, which is when I was born. I have lived and worked in America, Hong Kong, Ireland, the UK and traveled extensively all over the world. If you are wondering what brought me back to South Africa honestly, it was what we call ’slap’ chips.


Having spent almost 20 years delivering Personal Mastery programmes almost every day, I used Lockdown to put my life’s work online. At the time I had no idea whether personal mastery was learnable online, but I have discovered that it’s actually more effective and I certainly think I have produced a superior product.


Now I am loving that I catch fewer airplanes and hang out with my horses more, whilst being able to scale up my delivery and work internationally, all of which I am now doing from the comfort of my mobile office. The only travelling I do now is for pleasure.


In the last year, I have added to an already long list of Enneagram related qualifications by getting my international Narrative Enneagram teachers qualification and I have built a virtual classroom which houses hundreds of videos of me teaching Personal Mastery and the Enneagram. With over 10000 hours of facilitation and coaching as well as a master facilitator qualification I was able to transition online relatively easily. I have acquired international clients, and am doing what I have always wanted to do, which is offer my programme to anyone because now I run open programmes as well as programmes tailored for large clients. How lucky am I to be living my dream?

You can too if you really believe in yourself

So ask yourself now, what kind of life do you really want?

We want to help you gain the confidence you need to make your dreams reality.

The Dream Team



Samantha Hodson

Project Manager | Assistant

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Equine Assisted Learning Specialist.

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Nicholas Yerriah

Content Creator | Motion Graphics

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Saffron – my biggest learning from you: my truth is not necessarily someone else's truth.

What a wonderful learning. Thanks Saffron. I hope to tell people the truth but at the same time take responsibility for how I make them feel and to always try to understand their truth. 

The journey with you was life changing.

Andrietta Veijerin
National Commercial Sales Manager - Makro ~

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